Version: 1.41.419

Updated to run on Unity 2017
Improved terrain flickering/wiggling on scrolling a bit
exposed FPS Limit to options screen (always existed in .ini file)
Performance increase on some UI drawing. Unity was sometimes rebuilding the UI hundreds of times a frame
Fixed glitch in death animation
Fixed animation hitching on some level movement
Fixed glitch that made the player unable to use the buffer ability for a short time in some circumstances
Fixed glitch in audio levels that made it so the music and sound effects were not completely muted when set to 0 volume
Fixed material stencil bugs
Tweaked the look of damaged enemies to be more visible and more clearly communicate the state of the end boss & phasing enemies
Fixed bug with the Buffer not picking up memory
Fixed issue with Segment Boss that could softlock if you killed the head segment and the one behind it in the same frame
Fixed opening the options menu for the first time playing an extra sound effect
Made laser/arcer hit sfx less ear piercing
Improved targetting for arcer/seeker/targetter
Tried to work with Dualshock4 controllers. If it's detecting a different controller as dualshock4 erroneously add "Dualshock4 = False" to the ini

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