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Cyber SHMUP is a cyber-space themed shoot'em up game guaranteed to XOR your bools.

Fly through manually assembled missions of QWORDS and face off against hordes of maligned bits.

Equip a primary and secondary weapon to defend yourself, acquire memory to load up on damage, fire rate, or improvements unique to your primary weapon.

Use special abilities to increase your chance of survival as you seek out the sources of corruption within your system.

Delete the massive bugs within your system at the end of each level to free upgrades for your special abilities.

You will find that your enemies will become more resilient and more diverse the deeper you dive into your system. Eventually, your journey will require navigating ever-more treacherous spans of memory, shaped by the powers of corruption.

You have only one chance, admin. Do your best!

Patch Notes

Version: 1.20.923.405

Fixed timing issue with player knockback animation

Tweaked GUI draw order issue

Tweaked player death animation

Version: 1.9.754.393

Fixed controls not saving correctly

Improved visibility during knockback animation

Improved visibility during beam cooldown

Tweaked some levels & bosses

Changed tapping energy system from a punishment for holding to a reward for timed tapping

Charge up colours easier to distinguish from Buffer

Added RunInBackground option

Changed ability pick up animation to better telegraph what it does

Updated some particle system textures


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 CAD or more

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CShmup (X86) 1.20.923.405.zip 16 MB


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I'm loving this game but only made it to Level 3 (that square boss is quite difficult). How many levels away am I from finishing it?

edit: I've now made it to Level 6 and died at the boss.

There are 8 levels.

Thanks for the info. Gonna have to keep practicing and get those last two levels done.

It's literally one of my favorite games now, thanks for making it!